Title: Ashenden: or, The British Agent Author: Maugham, W. Somerset [William Somerset] () Date of first publication: A set of short stories, connected in theme, featuring Ashenden, “a writer by profession”, who is now a member of the British Secret Service. Like Ian Fleming . Ashenden; or, the British Agent, by W. Somerset Maugham is not the first secret agent novel in English. Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent.

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At that time Geneva was a hot-bed of intrigue and its home was the hotel at which Ashenden was staying.

Book Review: Ashenden; or, the British Agent by W. Somerset Maugham

The night was stormy and the wind blew cold from the mountains, but the stodgy little steamer plodded sturdily through the choppy waters of the lake. Ashenden himself is a very fascinating character. The moment he realizes he’s been used to get a man he likes sent to a firing squad was probably the most memorable for me.

In agebt course of these stories, Maugham’s ashdnden Ashenden a self portrait gets to travel throughout Europe and Asia on missions where he meets a diverse cast of characters.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham, from Project Gutenberg Canada

If Maugham’s activities were still covered by the Official Secrets Act over 70 years later, might they still be covered today? It was a matter of great urgency for the German Intelligence Department to secure the contents of the trunk without delay, and since it was impossible for them to get hold of it by the ordinary official means, they had decided to break into the station that very night and steal ashwnden.


It behoved him to be prudent only a fortnight ago his colleague at Lausanne had been sentenced to a term ashdnden imprisonmentbut it would be foolish to be alarmed: Nevertheless, Maugham will keep you hooked on his hero without baiting you with explosions, high-speed chases, and a barely clad blonde.

The more I read Somerset Maugham, the more I enjoy his writing. She said she had something that she must say to you at once. But when I went, on the minute, La Marqueza handed me back my hundred duros and told me the girl did not fancy me.

I was sent to prevent the Bolshevik Revolution and to keep Russia in the war. A celebrated writer by the time the war broke out inMaugham ashendsn the perfect cover for living in Switzerland.

Ashenden had a confident belief in the stupidity of the human animal, which in the course of his life had stood him in good stead. At last he flung himself against the back of his seat.

You can help by adding to it. Perhaps there is some truth behind some of the words here. On the other hand, if everything pans out O.

Once Ashenden had seen him in the old quarter of the city, with its silent houses and deserted streets, talking at a corner to a man whose appearance very much suggested the spy and he would have given a great deal to hear what they said to one another. Each of course knew on what work the other was engaged and Ashenden had had a mind to chaff him about it—it seemed absurd when he had dined with a man off and on for years and played cards with him, to act as though he did not know him from Adam—but refrained in case the German looked upon his behaviour as further proof of the British frivolity in face of war.


She lay perfectly still on her back, the tiny little body hardly marked under the flatness of the blanket, her face even smaller than usual because she had removed her teeth; and you would have thought she was dead but for the black eyes, strangely large in the shrunken mask, that stared unblinkingly. He only just escaped a squint. His colleague, who had hitherto preserved a silence that was positively sphinx-like, now broke it. I have since heard that the recovered stories have been taken to a safe house in East Sussex for further study and review.

I told her to have her there next evening and not to let her go till I came. He told Ashenden that a Bengali in the German service had recently come from Berlin with a black cane trunk in which were a number of documents interesting to the British Government. But was it really important?

It was bitter on the lake.

Here we have the sophisticated multi-lingual Englishman of good breeding fighting those Axis spies during the First World War. Our plans were made and we were ready to strike. Necessarily modest, in fact.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham

Videos, interviews, and audio recordings of previous Signature Events at the Library. Once you start reading him, you cant put him down. They seldom return to the hotel till tge. The Hairless Mexican opened his bag again and from a corner extracted a greasy pack of French cards.