Sayo Masuda. Translated by G. G. Rowley. The glamorous world of big-city geisha is familiar to many readers, but little has been written of the life of hardship . Masuda’s account of being a geisha in rural Japan at a hot springs resort is at once intriguing and heartbreaking. There is nothing idyllic in her description of. (Image from Goodreads) As the title states, this is a true story of a Japanese geisha in the s and s. Beware though: it’s not the.

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I enjoy reading your comments! Return to Book Page. Its just sad how someone could sell you off,like that and giesha get to work for them for years before you even pay it off. The account of her life itself is inspiring as she sailed through all odds while life didn’t treat her well, it still did give her cruel chances to survive on.

‘Autobiography of a Geisha’ by Sayo Masuda – Reading Matters

I think with memoirs you can always tell whether the author is trying to gloss over negative aspects of their life, but Masuda is unapologetic and genuine. Masuda almost exclusively communicated through her publishers. Through no fault of her own, Sayo found herself working as a nursemaid and then training to be a geisha.

Translated from the Japanese by G. She tells them silly stories, and brings them gifts, and, most importantly, spends time with them — all of the things she never got as a child. At the age of sis Masuda’s poverty-stricken family sent her to work as a nursemaid. Of course, if you want to write sato best seller, it is always important to not veer too close to reality.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After spending her entire youth learning to manipulate people’s emotions to get what she wants, the now-grown author doesn’t reach for the reader’s heartstrings. She became bloated and jaundicedbut continued to drink even after her doctor warned her she would soon die of liver failure if she continued.


Upon autobioraphy, Masuda underwent mizuage with autobiogrzphy man nicknamed Cockeye. At the time of the English translation’s publication inthey had declined Rowley’s request, saying that Masuda wished to keep as low a profile as possible.

Review Text “This most recent geisha boom comes with a difference. Retrieved from ” https: Marriage sometimes meant rescue, but the best that most geisha could hope for was to become a man’s mistress.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Aug 25, Althea Ann rated it it was amazing.


The account of her life itself is inspiring as she sailed through all odds while life didn’t treat her well, it still did give her cruel chan It was a refreshingly straight forward read. Not because I love to read about other people’s misery, but because this autobiography gave a better look into the reality of a geisha’s training.

Soon after Masuda’s arrival, one of the other geisha in the okiya, Takemi, died of peritonitis caused by gonorrheaand her refusal to seek medical treatment in the hopes of hastening her death greatly influenced Masuda’s perception of living as gelsha and dying as paradise.

After going through and struggling to get out the sex trade geisha at a hot-springs resortMasuda stresses the value and responsibility of child-rearing and the importance of family bonds. Masuda writes as a grown woman, somewhat numbed by the passage of time but unflinchingly honest about the anger and utter loneliness autibiography experienced without a hint of melodrama.

Autobiography Of A Geisha

It took several days to heal, nearly requiring amputation and ultimately leaving her with a large scar that she was self-conscious of for the rest of her life. Masuda’s gripping, heart-rending and humorous account is a gem, especially as it offers a view “from below” of the untold social history of modern Japan” show more.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She and her brother joined a group of people foraging for food in the countryside to resell in the city, and there she met a Korean man who gave her another job selling soap. As a child Masuda lived as a nurse-maid in a large farming household near Shiojiri, where she got little to eat, no education, poor atuobiography quarters, and was frequently punished.


Image from Goodreads As the title states, this is a true story of a Japanese geisha in the s and s. Among other dramas, she falls in love with a man she cannot have, tries to commit suicide and takes care of her long lost younger brother. She frankly accounts teisha grinding poverty, physical abuse, and emotional hardship. For these geisha, shamisen and dance are not an art unto themselves, they are a means to an end.

Her death in the mids was a huge blow to Masuda. Sayo Masuda was born out of wedlock, and when her mother would no longer have her because of the associated shame, she was sent to work as a nursemaid.

Upon completion of their indenture, geisha could be left with no means of making a living. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new comments via masudz.

Autobiography of a Geisha by Sayo Masuda

His penicillin shots were yen each, and Masuda soon realized that the only way to make enough money for them was to start prostituting. Her description of life as a geisha og surprising, I really enjoyed this very quick read. Masuda tried so hard to get by, and to be good, even when the most horrible things happened to her.

You are commenting using masuxa WordPress. This is a terrible story to read — in that Masuda Sayo was a geisha in a rural part of Japan. It is the superbly told tale of a woman whom fortune never favored sqyo never defeated. The poverty after WWII is tangible. Refresh and try again. To call this book heartbreaking would be to reduce it to a disarming cliche.

She is frank, and hold nothing back.