Course Curriculum of the Department of Electrical and Electronic. Engineering. COURSE OFFERED BY EEE DEPARTMENT. EEE Electrical Circuits I. The department of EEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) is nationally and Part time teachers are mostly the senior teachers of BUET (Bangladesh and integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to. Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]. Please download the syllabus: Undergraduate Program · Postgraduate Program. Copyright © Rajshahi University Of Engineering And.

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Introduction to neural network and fuzzy control, adaptive control. Internet telephony, facsimile, integrated services digital network, asynchronous transfer mode and intelligent networks.

Inductors and capacitors, series parallel combination of inductors and capacitors. Modern theory of metals: The respect level and the relationship among the BUET students are extraordinary and we trust to keep it up forever. Half wave and full wave rectifiers, clipping and clamping circuits, regulated power supply using Zener diode. For admission it follows a very hard and fast rules and such a strict system has been followed for a long time.

First thrust made me helpless. EEE department can also look forward to work with the collaboration of private sector to establish an effective industry where regular electronic commodities will be made. Feb 2nd, Nuclear medicine and allied sciences in Bangladesh: Perfect reconstruction filter banks: In my college life, I was the centre of all discussion, everybody would come to me, felt proud talking to me.


Sinusoidal single phase RLC circuits: Gauss- Siedel and Newton Raphson Methods. Rotating magnetic field, equivalent circuit, vector diagram, torque-speed characteristics, effect of changing rotor resistance and reactance on torque-speed curves, motor torque and developed rotor power, no-load test, blocked rotor test, starting and braking and speed control.


Reliable and Safe design for critical applications. Gradually it becomes normal as it was before. Balanced poly phase circuits: Besides, whenever the nation or the administration faces any difficulty to find out solutions to any ysllabus or emerging technical issues, the BUET is offered to give the opinion or the solution. Power optimization of basic gates and combinational logic circuits.

Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]

The time has come to bring change in thinking and planning. The lab facility of the department should be increased so that students can perform research in various aspects of electronic world. CMOS circuit characteristics and performance estimation: Magnetic properties of materials: But at present the access of computer is available for the students. Segregation and mixed cost. Direct detection and coherent detection, noise and limitations. It can pave the ways for others.

The result will be found that Bangladeshi engineering graduates serving the nation satisfactorily in the field of ICT, TC, infrastructure, etc.

Failure rate, outage, mean time to failure, series and parallel systems and redundancy. General concepts and definitions. Principles, materials for visible and infrared LED, internal and external efficiency, loss mechanism, structure and coupling to optical fibers.

Introduction, large and small signal analysis, common mode analysis and differential amplifier with active load. With the needs of engineering and technology education, knowledge on English, Bengali, Social Science, Economics, Management and Accounting and in general science is very important. Power control using SCR. Overview of communication systems: Differential equation of simple harmonic oscillator, total energy and average energy, combination of simple harmonic oscillations, spring mass system, torsional pendulum; two body oscillation, reduced mass, damped oscillation, forced oscillation, resonance, progressive wave, power and intensity of wave, stationary wave, group and phase velocities.


Wiring system design, drafting, estimation. In Bangladesh, BUET students by their merits, intellectuality, invention and creative power are playing a leading role to keep pace with the latest trend of development with the world. Costs and Management Accounting: While our student life we saw BUET graduates contributed remarkably to the development of Bangladesh and other countries across the world.

We could never think of the use of computer at that time. Taylor’s and Laurent’s theorem.

Introduction, various approaches to learning English. The teachers of this department are highly qualified; almost all of them have Ph. BUET teachers were very committed and honest from the beginning of the university, and we saw them same in our times, still they are so, and they will remain so in future too.

Moreover, 3rd year students should do internee for a month in between the term finals at different industries to have practical experience on industrial machineries. During sylalbus last 2 decades it brought revolution in telecommunication, Textiles and ICT. Thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria.

Transpose of a matrix and inverse of matrix. BUET engineers are playing a leading role in every sector or field in Bangladesh. Young’s double slit experiment, displacement of fringes and its uses, Fresnel bi-prism, interference in thin films, Newton’s rings, interferometers; Diffraction: At wherever we look at engineering advancement we can see there is an involvement of BUET and its students. Structured Programming using C: