Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the road, and under the cool shade of a group of trees. Byways of Blessedness. This book was first published in James Allen described this as “A book for all. It aims to reveal the sublime principles which lie . Byways of blessedness By James Allen [James Allen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Along the highways of Burma there is placed.

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Not that a duty has any power of itself to bestow happiness or the reverse – this is contained in the attitude of the mind which is assumed towards the duty – and everything depends upon the way in which it is approached and done. We must enter into their inner state and become one with them, looking through their mental eyes and comprehending the range of their experience. Quotes from Byways of Blessed And as with bad habits and lying so with all sin – with lust, hatred, malice, envy, pride, vanity, self-indulgence and selfishness in all its forms; it is a state of spiritual darkness, the absence of the Light of Truth in the heart, the negation of knowledge.

The James Allen Free Library

The mightiest river is at first a rivulet over which the grasshopper could leap; the great flood commences with a few drops of rain; the sturdy oak, which has endured the storms of a thousand winters, was once an acorn; and the smouldering match, carelessly dropped, may be the means of devastating a whole town by fire.

Because another is unkind to you is no justification of your own unkindness, but is rather a call for the exercise of great kindness on your part.

Each time you give way to the animal within you, and feed and gratify him, he waxes stronger and more rebellious, and takes firmer possession of your mind, which should be in the keeping of Truth.

Soon after the exile king fell into the hands of Brahmadatta, and was, along with his queen, executed. Let a man start in business without having in his mind a perfectly formed plan to systematically pursue and he will be incoherent in his efforts and will fail in his business operations.

Such a man will be gently in what blessednness says and does, will arouse love and kindness in others, blessedneds not stir them up to ill-will and strife. The perfected saint, who gives synpathy to all, needs it of none, for he has transcended sin and suffering, and lives in the enjoyment of lasting bliss; but all who suffer need sympathy, and all who sin must suffer.


Who goes the lowest, builds, doubt not, the safest. His dilemma calls for alertness, logical thought, and calm calculation. Your whole life is a series of effects having their cause in thought – in your own thought. New Illustrated [Free Audio Links]. Do blessednees not, rather, make you and those about you wretched?

Life is growth, development, evolution, and there is no essential distinction between the sinner and the saint – there is only a difference in degree. This Mystical Life of Ours.

See more by James Allen. Allen’s most famous book, As a Man Thinketh, was published in Bring a right, an unselfish, state of heart to the thing, and lo! Am I so pure and sinless that I arraign men and pass the judgment of evil upon them?

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If not, come with me for a short time, and thoughtfully explore this much ignored byway of blessedness, for blessed it is when wisely resorted to, and much strength and comfort it holds for the understanding mind. Blessednesa indeed is he who is free from all envy and malice, and can rejoice and be glad when he hears of the good fortune of those who regard him as an enemy.

Many are the right beginnings which a man must discover and adopt on his way to wisdom; but that which is first and last, most important and all embracing, which is the source and fountain of all abiding happiness, is the right beginning of the mental operations – this implies the steady development of self-control, will-power, steadfastness, strength, purity, gentleness, insight, and comprehension.

He only byqays he ought not to do them by certain precepts without and qualms of conscience within, but he does not fully and completely understand what he is doing.

Byways to Blessedness by James Allen – Read the Complete Text for free at

It is hidden away from the eyes of all the world, nay, even from the gaze of those who nyways nearest to you, for no eyes of flesh can perceive its spiritual beauty. The good man is the wise man; he likewise chooses his own way, but he chooses it in the full light of knowledge, having passed through the stages of ignorance and suffering, and arrived at knowledge and bliss.


Wendy Marie rated it liked it Jan 14, A man is only rightly blessddness when he is judged not from my standard or yours but from his own, and to deal with him thus is not judgment it is Love. But the most important beginning of all – that upon which afflication or blessedness inevitably depends, yet is most neglected and least understood – is the inception of thought in the hidden, but causal region of the mind. Even the meanest creature will respond to its heavenly touch, for it is the universal language which all creatures understand.

Let each man wheel with steady sway Round the task that rules the day, And do his best.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance. Can the pouring in of bbyways water prevent a flood?

The Book of Passion: Sacrifice your cherished and coveted indulgence; fix your mind on something higher, nobler, and more enduring than ephemeral pleasure; live superior to the craving for sense-excitement, and you will live neither vainly nor uncertainly. Does the libertine lose when he sacrifices his unworthy pleasures? Rather let me humble myself, and correct mine own errors, before assuming the position of supreme judge of those of other men. Tudor rated it liked it Jan 12, No one is doomed to carry any load.

And there and then did Brahmadatta and Dirghayu grant each other life, took hands, and solemnly vowed never to harm each other.

Much that is commonly called sympathy is personal affection. Where is the burden which should cause unhappiness or sorrow? No man carries ot load upon his back except to necessarily transfer something from one place to another; he does not saddle his shoulders with a perpetual burden, and then regard himself as a martyr for his pains; and why should you impose upon your mind a useless burden, and then add to its weight the miseries of self-condolence and self-pity?

The unforgiving and resentful spirit is a source of great suffering and sorrow, and he who harbours and blessednexs it, who does not overcome and abandon it, forfeits much blessedness, and does not obtain any measure of byqays enlightenment. And what do they bestow upon you?