Chuk and Gek (Russian: Чук и Гек) is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children’s Chuk and Gek cover (English).jpg. Cover of Chuk and Gek ( ). Edition/Format: Print book: Fiction: EnglishView all editions and formats. Rating: # Chuck and Geck. [Translated from. Arkady Gaidar and his books. The school. Chuck and Geck. Timur and his squad. Notes. Tr. from Arkadii Gaidar Izbrannoe. Language. English; Russian.

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And behind them, keeping pace, sped nine skiers. She did not know where to begin her search, but decided to go out to the road since she did not think Geek would have dared to go into the forest alone.

Ava Reviews: Arkady Gaidar – Chuck and Geck

Then there was a sort of scraping and hissing, and from far away came a melodious tinkle. To inspect my traps. Ninrble-footed grey squirrels leapt and dived through the thick branches of the cedars.

A fine kettle of fish! Leaving the children to watch the bags, she walked over to the sleigh drives to find out which of the sleighs had been sent for them, because they had another hundred kilometres of taigaland to cover to get to the place where Father lived. Lists What are lists? His story “Timur and his squad” made Gaidar famous.


She could say no more.


The watchman handed his gun to the astounded mother, went over to the trunk and threw back its lid. I haven’t got time, you understand, to bother with you Gexk Home Alphabetical list. The next day they decided to put up a New Year’s tree. He must be coming soon! Oct 29, Ava rated it it was amazing.

But come to think of it, it was really a long way. Chuk and Gek Russian: Lists with This Book. Mother kept kissing him and crying. Australian National University Library. Schumacher back in the hunt! Through the snow-flecked window Geek saw the moon — it was an immense moon, not at gec, like the one in Moscow.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I read it so many times I could not remember. Mother began house cleaning at once. At last she dozed off. No sooner had Mother set Chuck and Geek on the platform and taken their luggage from the army man, than the train pulled out. But she refused to give him any for a very good reason and told him to eat a piece of orange instead.

Chuck showed Geek a pencil the army man had given him. The lantern fell out of her hand, its glass broke and the light went out.

This is a sack of cereals. Shaggy Fearless, upon whose nose Emglish planted a kiss, turned away in embarrassment.


But since the train drew out of the station at a very late hour the windows were black, and Chuck and Geek did not see anything of interest.

He’ll come in and sit down, and all the time we’ll be holding our breaths. On the other side of the hillock a little spring gushed out into the snow from an overhanging rock.

Past raging fires, o ‘er trampled snow! He stopped near a big wooden trunk and scratched its lid with his shaggy paw. Geek felt sure it was a bear. Yes, he was a moony old scatterbrain.

It took Mother a week to get them ready for the journey. But now the cottage, the little boy and the cat were gone. O wheels, whirl eastward like a streak.

Chuck and Geck

And when he finished they all began to clap and shout. Then she dressed Chuck, took fhuck and a little sleigh, and the two went out for water and to gather twigs to start the stove with in the morning.

Books, Life n More. No, not a knock but more like the sound of snow crunching under somebody’s heavy footsteps. Y es, they saw plenty of things on the way.