Cosmic Consciousness, by Richard Maurice Bucke, [], full text etext at This is an attempted scientific study of illuminated individuals. Bucke provides three dozen very consistent examples of ‘cosmic consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind has In this book, Richard Bucke described the common mystical experiences in a.

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The rest of the book may not be worth reading, but it doesn’t need to be because it’s all there in the first part. From what was Buddha finally liberated?

Maybe i don’t want to go there cosmix Efforts of those who have experienced Cosmic Consciousness to express the experience; the strange similarity found in all attempts. /

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. McGill University, was a psychiatrist, adventurer, and mystic, whose work on what he called “cosmic consciousness” borrowing from the poet Edward Carpenter came to form part of the underpinning of transpersonal psychology.

In Richagd III, Bucke hypothesizes that the next stage of human development, which he calls “cosmic consciousness,” is slowly beginning to appear and will eventually spread throughout all of humanity.


Cosmic Consciousness not common in the Orient. This might be a clue as to the right line of question to pursue. This cosmic state is not supernatural or supernormal at end of the book he indicates that if he had more time and room he would have explored miracles, and buckke connections with others and perhaps higher spirits, and cases where man directs powers outside of himself.

Nonetheless, the first part alone is worth a five star review.

Cosmic Consciousness Index

The supreme occurrence of that night was his real and sole initiation to the new and higher order of ideas. Among the effects of humanity’s natural evolutionary progression, Bucke believed he detected a long historical trend in which religious conceptions and theologies had become less and less frightening.

Bucke, wrote this book in the year I don’t agree with some of his postulates. Jun 20, Oakshaman rated it it was amazing. Conscousness book gets five stars because of pages What caused Buddha the greatest anxiety? The lesson to be drawn from Seraphita. I will keep this book and may use it as a reference.

Any of you conscioussness this one? In it, Bucke described his own experience, that of contemporaries most notably Whitman, but also unknown figures like “C. Should be classified as a Conscious altering substance!


Cosmic Consciousness – A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind by Richard Maurice Bucke

All genuine knowledge is contained within the boundaries of science. Maybe it’s good stuff? Never tell a guy your looking for knowledge!!!

The simplicity of Buddha’s commandments in the light of Cosmic Consciousness. Along with William James ‘s classic work The Varieties of Religious Experience which cites BuckeBucke’s Cosmic Consciousness has become part of the foundation of transpersonal psychology.

The Hindu conception of Cosmic Consciousness.

His idea not one of penance. Truth-seekers, Theologians, Ministers, Visionaries. However, it is only for a certain few; Writen by man and centered on men throughout history.

The institutional care of the insane in the United States and Canada. Feb 01, Nikki Grace rated it it was amazing. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

His changed state after the revelation on Mt.