Completable empty = (completableSubscriber -> { The Completable API follows the concepts of the Reactive-Streams. Create, Lift and Transform. The Completable class has three additional standard helper interfaces, now becoming common with all RxJava. Creating a Single. Completable. Creating a Completable. Maybe. Creating a Maybe. RxCocoa traits. Driver. Why is it named Driver; Practical usage example.

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Exceptions thrown at this time will be delivered to RxJavaPlugins only.

Advanced Reactive Java: The new Completable API (part 2 – final)

Single is an Observable which only emits one item or throws an error. Generally, such a new CompletableObserver completbale wrap the downstream’s CompletableObserver and vreate the onError and onComplete events from the upstream directly or according to the emission pattern the custom operator’s business logic requires. So you could create a Completable first and then convert it to Observable: At this point, there is no reason for the others to continue and will be unsubscribed from the challenge.

Now, our above use case can be simplified to this:.

Subscribes to and awaits the termination of this Completable instance in a blocking manner and rethrows any exception emitted. Subscribera mandatory and maybe shared SubscriptionList container is created to support resource association with any Subscriber instance.

Calls the specified converter function during assembly time and returns its resulting value. Allows preventing certain identity-based optimizations fusion.


RxJava: Single, Maybe and Completable – AndroidPub

Its usage pattern greatly resembles the use of Observable or Single with the difference that it doesn’t deal with values at all but only with the terminal events and as such, many operators are meaningless for Completable.

Also Callable could be used to create an Observable or Single creafe a single item emission. If the upstream to the operator is asynchronous, signalling onNext followed by onComplete immediately may result in the sequence to be completed immediately.

When onError or onCompleted is called, the formerly received Subscription should be considered already unsubscribed. Returns a Completable which delays the emission of the completion event by the given time while running on the specified scheduler.

Is there another option that catches any Throwable the Runnable might throw? This version of delaySubscription operates by default on the computation Scheduler. Post as a guest Name. In addition, such operator can intercept the flow control calls of dispose and isDisposed that would have traveled upstream and perform additional actions depending on the same business logic requirements.

Clearer RxJava intentions with Single and Completable

Create the consumer type that will be returned by the CompletableOperator. Introduction In this final part, I’m going to show how one can implement operators source and transformative alike. Returns a Completable which calls the given onComplete callback if this Completable completes.

If the add returns falsethat means the CompletableSubject has reached its terminal state and reading the error field can tell how the child subscriber should be notified. Returns a Completable instance that calls the given onTerminate callback after this Completable completes normally or with an exception.


Returns a Completable instance that completes immediately when subscribed to. I have updated the answer. A functional interface similar to Runnable but allows throwing a checked exception.

Returns a Completable instance that subscribes to all sources at comlletable and completes only when all source Completables complete or one of them emits an error.

There are certain scenario where only concern in completion or error. Completable doesn’t stream a single value, therefore, it doesn’t need backpressure, simplifying the internal structure from one perspective, however, optimizing these internals requires more lock-free atomics knowledge in some respect.

Empty Our first operator will be the empty operator that emits onCompleted once subscribed to. Terminates the downstream if compleable or the other Completable terminates compleetable the termination race while disposing the connection to the losing source.

The first one to fail also wins – unlike in real life were failure is not an option. The code that uses it can take a form like this:. An error event from this Completable will be propagated to the downstream subscriber and will result in skipping the subscription of the Publisher.

We will see example how to implement this.