The story of Egil Skallagrimsson, the son of bald (”skalla”) Grimr, he was a real person, the details of his life come to us from saga and song. We mainly know of Egil through an Icelandic saga bearing his name, Egil’s Saga, again one of the very finest of the sagas. His family, like very many described. Egil’s Saga (listen) is an Icelandic saga. The oldest transcript (a fragment) dates back to AD. The saga is centered on the life of Egill Skallagrímsson, also.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? All are available in Penguin editions and deserve a xaga. There was a man named Grim, son of Thorir Kettlesson Keel-fare, of noble kin and wealthy.

He was an evening sleeper, and it was commonly said that he was very shape strong. They begged the king’s leave that they two brothers might go with their usual following and attack Thorolf in his home.

But when Kveldulf with his men came to the gangway-end, he went out by the stern gangway, while Skallagrim went forward to the other gangway. He kept about him a large following, whereof the cost was great, and much provision was needed; but the year was good, and needful supplies were easily skallaggimsson.

SFH03 Egil Skallagrimsson

King Haakon requests Thorstein skallagrimszon collect tribute in Saya or be sentenced to outlawry. This is the oldest and most boring thing I have ever read. Egil returns to Norway to claim lands won in a duel with Atli the Short on behalf of his wife Asgerd. A blood-soaked history of Egil and his family as they follow the path of the first settlers of Iceland who came from Norway after a detour to Ireland to pick up slave women.

The king was spellbound, and afterwards had no choice but skallagrimsso give Egil his life, and lift his outlaw status. The first third of this saga is a long, dull account of various petty squabbles among families and King Harald.

On that Egil often will place himself in great personal danger in order to argue his case before the King who has branded him an outlaw. Thorolf was killed by the king who led a band of warriors, and the rift would force Skallagrim and his father Kveldulf to flee Norway to settle in Skallagrimsso. He went out of the yard, and found a draught horse of Skallagrim’s, got egll its back and rode after Skallagrim’s party. After egi battle in England, when Egil fought alongside King Athelstan, he ends one of his verses with the grim line: This arrangement he made fast, as the law was, with the leave of the king.


In each province King Harald took over all the estates and all the land, habited or uninhabited, and even the sea and lakes. Egil went home with Skallagrim.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Egil and his men sag to the island of Herdla. His reactions are usually on a grand scale to the point where they are often outrageous and entertaining.

Egil Skallagrimsson and the Viking Ideal

To top it off, Egil erects a scorn-pole Nithing pole with a horse head mounted on top, laying a curse that the nature spirits drive King Eirik and Quenn Gunnhild be driven away from Norway. His skull, exhumed, is hard as a rock, far thicker than it should be, and shows the imprint of his brain on the inside, which means that there was not only terrible, painful pressure on his head his enti Kids, do you want to know how badass the Vikings really were?

I love this one. Now thou hast taken up the very counsel against which I warned thee; thou matchest thy force against king Harold’s.

He had a most beautiful daughter, Hildirida by name; and it fell to her lot to sit by Bjorgolf. The sons of Guttorm had leapt overboard and perished.

Egil was dispatching a big bully. Already friends and acquaintances of theirs had gone thither – to wit, Ingolf Arnarson, and his skallagrismson – and had taken to them skallagrimssson and homestead in Iceland. Later, Thord and Egil took revenge on Grim, driving an axe through his head. In the summer he went inland to Sogn, but in autumn made ready to go northwards to Throndheim.

That’s just an issue of not growing up with that body of reference, those conventions of speech.


I find working with the pdf a bit clumsy; it was originally published in a print edition, which may still be available. He kills lots of people. To him, also, will I give my wife and the bringing ska,lagrimsson of my son, because I trust him for this above all men.

Egil’s Saga – Wikipedia

I call it quasi-historical because, as Anderson warns, the story adopts attractive medieval legends about it title protagonist, Gunnhild on some key points, instead of following the historical evidence; and a fantasy interpretation, although not saba, is not ruled out.

But coming over against Reykja-ness, and seeing the firth open before them, they steered both ships into the firth. Thorolf struck up a friendship with Bjorn, and was ever in his company.

The young Egil’s poem–presented in the original Old Norse–describes his vision of a Viking’s life. It was found that more had leapt overboard, and so perished, than had fallen on the ship.

Egil’s Saga

It too could do with a reprinting! The king answered not, but he went to where the ship lay.

The king took Thorolf’s words well, and then became merry and cheerful. The king said that Thorolf had himself taken his own reward. Grim said to his comrades: Oleif accepted this, and moved thither his household, and set there his homestead by Warm-brook as it is called. In the summer there had been, as was usual, many ships from Norway. Oct 06, Jim rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kveldulf showed him well pleased that Skallagrim had not gone to the king on sagq errand to take service under him; he still said, as before, that from the king they would get only loss and no amends.

And my foreboding is that this is our last meeting: Then came out Sigridr the mistress, and with her the women that were within, and the others to whom permission was given. The Viking code of honour is simple: