H Ultra-Harmonizer®. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Eventide the next step Harmonizer is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc. for its audio pitch shifta. H Ultra-Harmonizer (R) SERVICE MANUAL Eventide the next step TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION H SPECIFICATIONS OPTIMUM. This is not mine. i tip my hat to the guy/guys who put in the effort to do this. Thank you sir and sirs service manual User manual.

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Its output is always enabled. If this happens, continue eventode steps C and D, by pressing the third softkey from the left, and then the second softkey from the left. The output of U is sent to the A to D converter section which demultiplexes the two channels then, integrates them to produce a slight DC offset to add to the input of the A to D which helps to keep things more stable.

Check audio when bypassed. Is input bargraph lighting?

H3000 manual

Enables A to D converter data onto the bus. Sends delayed audio data from the DRAMs to the bus. Construct a 4 inch jumper wire with solder lugs on both ends. U inverts the signal for the right synth.


H Series User Manual | Eventide

Data is not written to or read from the Global Data bus during this operation. These three enable the outputs of the mailboxes. U61 is used eventjde various read operations for the Brain.

It is really an expanded address decoding circuit. Set left and right delays to 0 ms.

Press function then adjust contrast with the knob. There is a DC bias adjust pot and a distortion adjust pot for each channel.

They operate the same way as the input but, are clocked by the RAS signal. It is also possible that after changing from S software to B software without clearing the memory that strange results will be displayed on the H front panel.

This does not necessarily indicate a malfunction. Used to enable Timesqueeze option. The switch matrix consists of the keypad, the lit bypass switch, and the 8 unlit switches.

Extreme care should be used when working msnual the H The architecture is built around a single “global” bus. The delay memory cycle time is once every two processor cycles. Unless there is a switch closure the outputs of these gates remain high because they are being pulled up by the resistors in R Only a dim backlight.


There is an exception to this rule, though. Here is a summary of the decoded operations. There are also exercises for very specific hardware areas that together with an oscilloscope can greatly aid in trouble-shooting.

H3000 Series User Manual

Needless to say the 2 signals will most likely slide in and out of sync with time, temperature and component tolerances. The primary goal is a stereo pitch shifter, so the architecture is based eventkde the computational needs of pitch shifting.

The row is strictly addressed to enable the DRAMs to u3000 refreshed continually. On rare occasions, after step B, the upper line of the H display will flash, and then the display will black out. R1 05 and R1 09 provide output short circuit protection, and oscillation suppression along with R, R, Cl 14 and Cl Generally the H will deliver.

Each bit is stored on a capacitor which will discharge if not periodically refreshed. Both decoders are always enabled.