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two standard IEC simulators, com- bined with rubber pinnae to simulate the outer ear for testing headphones, hearing aids and similar products. Fig. 2. Ear Simulator TYPE , complying with IEC , is used to measure sound pressure and frequency characteristics of insert type earphone. IEC Electroacoustics – Simulators of human head and ear – Part 4: Occluded-ear simulator for the measurement of earphones coupled to the ear by .

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GRAS RA Externally Polarized Ear Simulator According to IEC ()

A 2cc has its own acoustic input impedance characteristic, and the degree of resulting SPL deviation might vary depending on the amount of acoustic output impedance a transducer has.

Posted by Rin Choi at 3: Technology Specifications Ordering info. Related publications IEC The occluded-ear simulator is also suitable as the basis for an extension intended to simulate the complete ear canal and the outer ear for instance in head simulators.

Occluded-ear simulator 60381 the measurement of earphones coupled to the ear by ear inserts. However, it does not simulate the leakage between an earmould and a human ear canal; therefore, the results obtained with the occluded-ear simulator may deviate from the performance of an insert earphone on a real ear, especially at low frequencies.


AES E-Library » IEC Ear Simulator for Low Noise Measurements & Anthropometric Rubber Pinna

Humidity range non condensing. On the case of Missing 6 dB Effect. On proper insertion depth of In-Ear-Monitors. The Test Jig has an adjustable spring-loaded arm to exert a variable force on the test object. The email that will be sent will contain your name iiec email address. The effect of acoustic dampers.

Below Hz, the device has not kec verified to simulate a human ear, but can be used as an acoustic coupler at additional frequencies down to 20 Hz.

Is there anyway that this or anything other DIY coupler would be up for buying? TC 29 – Electroacoustics rss. And 600318 diagram looks nicer. Wouldn’t that occur with every type of coupler then? I accept to be contacted regarding my request. I also consent to receive any updates of the data in question.

Support Contact us News Events Follow us:. Concerns regarding other headphone-measuring websites. What are the differences between the standards?

Quick measurement links Headphone measurement data by brands: And yes, it is a revised version of 6038 IEC standard. They are all equal, at least with the acoustic impedance, due to dual-ring helmholtz resonators implemented. Also, – extension of the usable frequency range to Hz – 16 Hz; – addition of values of maximum permitted expanded uncertainties to all tolerances. Tom September 21, at 1: On the modification of headphones.


GRAS 43AC Ear Simulator Kit According to IEC 60318-4

A pair of these are encapsulated in my dummy head, EURI, as well level difference less than 1 dB from 20 to 20, Hz. Telephone transmission quality, Objective measuringapparatus: Above 10 kHz oec device does not simulate a human ear, but can be used as an acoustic coupler at additional frequencies up to 16 kHz.

Temperature coefficient Hz.

ief Newer Post Older Post Home. If not, simply click here to join the chat. It is suitable for air conduction hearing aids and earphones, coupled to the ear by means of ear inserts e. I can’t seem to find a listing The GRAS 43AC-S1 is a complete test jig for acoustically testing earphones coupled to the ear via inserts such as tubes and ear moulds and complies with the following international requirements:.