The Plains of Passage, Part 1 of 2 has ratings and 20 reviews. Deb said: While I did enjoy this book as a continuation of the series, and for the in. Jean M. Auel’s enthralling Earth’s Children® series has become a literary phenomenon, beloved by readers around the world. In a brilliant. The Plains of Passage. Edit · Classic editor · History · Talk (0) .. References Edit. ↑ Map of The Ukraine from the book ‘The Mammoth Hunters’ by Jean Auel.

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Jondalar does this, Ayla screams that, blah, blah, blah.

The Plains of Passage

The evolution of the trunk had solved the problem of bringing food and water to the mouth. He noticed that tears were threatening. There is a LOT of repetition in this book. The tall, yellow-haired man who rides by her side is also held in awe, not only for the magnificent stallion he commands, but also for his skill as a crafter of stone tools, and for the new weapon he devises, the spear-thrower.

Books by Jean M. They were on a Journey, an adventure, and whatever came along was part of it. They headed west to get back to the Great Mother River which they followed all the way to the west end. But very quickly he dropped it and began snorting and snuffling and shaking his head.

I know I don’t have enough of the herbs I need for my morning tea to last for the whole Journey. I especially loved his part in the rescue of Jondalar from the S’Armunai. After spending several months with the Mamutoi, it is time to move on. Wasn’t this supposed to be an empowering novel about how great and awesome and respected women are?

But Wolf knew exactly what was nosing around and had no auell of waiting. This was a lot better than the previous book and finishes off so you want to pasaage on. Does Ayla ever hate him because he always gets oassage he wants?

The Plains of Passage – Wikipedia

They live very far from here, you would not believe how far. For once, Jondalar takes some time to think of what Ayla wants, goes out of his way to get it, and gives it to her selflessly.

If a woman’s place of Pleasure was inside, it would make giving birth much harder, and it’s difficult enough as it is. Brun’s clan had been her family, Iza and Creb had raised her, cared for her, and in spite of her difference, there was a time when she thought of herself as Clan. Yet I couldn’t bear to think of living without you.


A bit of a romantic tangle is present with a young woman there that adds a bit of angst. However, Jondalar and Ayla stunned everyone by returning. Auel ‘s Earth’s Children. These men were so abused that they were dying off slowly day by day. The tallgrass finally began thinning out, and they moved closer to the river looking for a place to camp.

Jondalar tracked the herd into S’Armunai territory. Ayla was entranced by a pair of young twins with beautiful reddish-golden fur accented by spiky black guard hairs, who peeked out from behind the huge legs and long ochre skirt of their hovering mother.

The beginning of the next-to-latest edition in the Clan of the Cave Bear series or Jondalar and the Pleasuresas my wife and I have taken to calling it is a bit tedious hence why I got stuck because it’s just Ayla and Jondalar traveling. He was also continuously dribbling and occasionally gushing an acrid, strong-smelling urine, which coated the fur on his legs and the sheath of his organ with a greenish scum.

Their daring crossing of a big glacier near the end of the book provides a tense climax to the novel. He told them that his mother, Serenio xuel, had left with a Mamutoi man named Gulec.

Passage got to jeaj reading everything else that piled up while I was gone! Rest of review with pictures! He smiled back and dropped down behind her. Then, picking up a second stick and using them as tongs, she lifted the stone and dropped it in the basket with the water and the tongue.

The Plains of Passage | Earth’s Children | FANDOM powered by Wikia

His plaina, thickly furred ears that were extended, his dark, stiff, erect topknot, and his light reddish-brown coat, long hairs loose and flying in the wind, added fullness to his already massive aueo.

If it’s the one we’re looking for, there’s still time for me to make something nice tonight with all the food we gathered and this meat. I feel like the author missed a really big chance to bring us back to Ayla’s beginning in this book, I can only hope the last two books answer my questions about her origin, her parents, and her son before the series ends.


They left the camp the next morning, after sharing dinner and breakfast with the last Mamutoi group that they would meet.

He dropped it at her feet and looked up expectantly. Pasxage well-watered valley, a highland meadow, a hilltop, or a slight dip in elevation, each invited its own community of plant life, which grew close beside complexes of unrelated vegetation. That’s because the book essentially opens with an extremely graphic mammoth sex scene. They stay for awhile with the group, who want them to stay, but Jondalar insists that they keep moving.

Jondalar and Ayla could hear the low rumbles of the estrus female clearly enough, but the male in musth had such quiet-seeming deep tones that they barely heard him. They were just so lovely, and they communicated something Jena her short stay with the Sharamudoi, Ayla became fast friends with Tholie.

They heard movement, shuffling sounds from somewhere between the fireplace and the poles from which the meat was suspended, then the growling warnings of the animals facing off. You would always miss your people, your family, the ones you were born to. Suddenly she roared a deep, vibrating rumble.

His hooves were small, adapted to running very fast over firm dry soils, and he avoided bogs in which he would become mired. When she put her arms around his neck, she could feel the wrinkles of his leather tunic against her still sensitive nipples. When the great woolly beasts had moved some distance away, Ayla tied the restraining rope on the young wolf, who was if anything even more interested than they were.

I think she made that loud deep sound because he made her feel them, and that’s why all her family passwge so happy for her.

But I had to meet you first or I would never have understood that they were people, and that I could meet them. This section of the book could easily be cut right out and you wouldn’t miss anything for it. His dark brown, hairy coat was heavy, especially in the chest and shoulders.