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Just in this case it’s a more literal escape she is looking for. FromFowles lived in the small harbour town of Lyme Regis.

I read this when I was very young. Two extremes, the one the unconventional artistic view and the other the so overly restrained ‘normal’ world that has kept itself wrapped up so tight in it’s own neuroses that it results in her captor. And at it’s resolution, quite unexpectedly there is a tiny green shoot.

One day, he wins a large prize in the football pools. I might have enjoyed this book more at a different time in my life. El coleccionista, de John Fowles 16 50 Oct 30, The Collector, by John Fowles 2 14 May 31, Written in four sections, you are given Frederick’s POV, then Miranda’s via her diaryand finally two final portions of which the last seems like an epilogue.

Then again, it always depends on the kid. After careful preparations, he kidnaps Miranda by drugging her with chloroform and locks her up in the cellar of his house.

He colectionarjl a psiho, a crazy man, weard and broken. Frederick CleggMiranda Grey.

He admires her from a distance but is unable to make any contact with her because he is socially underdeveloped. I don’t much like novels wherein almost all the characters are reprehensible, yet I keep reading. In several cases since the novel was published, serial killers, spree killers, kidnappersand other criminals have claimed that The Collector was the basis, the inspiration, or the justification for their crimes.

May 30, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: He wrote it between November and March Oct 31, Clumsy Storyteller marked it as to-read. One of the first dark psychological thrillers–at least in modern times though depending on how you categorize them, James or Poe or even foqles of the ancient Greeks might usefully be described this way, too.


I don’t know if the book had the same cover on earlier Dell editions.

The Collector – Wikipedia

Then inThe Magus – drafts of which Fowles had been working on for over a decade – was published. I just found colectinoarul plot so unjust and infuriating that I can’t rate it higher.

He is obsessed with a beautiful stranger, the art student Miranda. The plot was super flat, and neither of the characters were sympathetic or interesting at all.

PaperbackVintage Classicspages. And again, Fowles manages to give the reader a vicious case of whiplash turning the one freeing element of Miranda’s life into the justification for more imprisonment. While not a typical “horror” story, it is one that probably occurs more often in the real world than not, and the person s involved could be a distant relative, a sibling, a son or a daughter.

At first I had a hard time determining the relevancy of these recollections, but it essentially just became another disturbing piece of the story to see how influential G. A Life in Two Worldswas published inand the first volume of his journals appeared the same year followed recently by volume two.

That’s all I’ve got because view spoiler [ Fredrick never really hurts Miranda or forces her to do anything especially at first, he kind of just likes having her hide spoiler ] so I’m not sure why that would inspire Leonard Lake to want a slave that he can use for sex and to take care of the house?

The Collector by John Fowles

InRobert Berdella held his male victims jjohn and photographed their torture before killing them. See all 4 questions about The Collector…. And she is highly impressionable, as her accounts of longing for her insufferable mentor, the Picasso-like womanizing artist, G.

Fowles then spent four years at Oxford, where he discovered the writings of the French existentialists. Fredrick is a clerk and butterfly collector who wins some money that lets him retire. Like an Eichmann in the pantheon of guys who do fucked up things to other people. He continued to revise it until the summer ofwhen he submitted it to a publisher; it appeared in the spring of and was an immediate best-seller.


He also wrote the text for several photographic compilations. The psychological abuse depicted here is pretty strong and the ending is veeery creepy. He recalled the English suburban culture of colectionaruo s as oppressively conformist and his family life as intensely conventional. The device of getting to see the situation from her point of view could have been used quite well to counteract the way that the first person narration of her capture and imprisonment had been shown.

The Collector

He watches an art student named Miranda who starts to become his obsession. Then he keeps her in his basement. It’s haunting, disturbing, and impossible to forget once you’ve finished. It also gave them a good model of how to escalate to the point of doing things like kidnapping and murdering because really in the book Fredrick just starts off by dreaming about it and it goes from there.

There are two sorts of kept women, those gold-diggers who actively sought it, and those trophy wives who had never planned for it fowoes had been actively courted. The first part of the novel was told from Frederick’s point of view and it was rather alarming at his thought process.

She begins to pity her captor, comparing him to Caliban in Shakespeare ‘s play The Tempest because ofwles his hopeless obsession with her. There is a feeling of lust about to be satiated.