The A-opener can be retrofitted on the KFV multi-point locks AS and AS * in preparation. A-opener — Multi-point lock with electromechanical drive. 4. KFV’s AS high-performance automatic multi-point lock now offers even greater security for timber front doors: it has been certified by the German testing . AS We are pleased to present our new KFV AS automatic multipoint lock. This product information sheet provides you with the.

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The spring bolt with 35500 range of When closing the door hooks are activated by independent ferrule release clearance and closed from the bottom to the top.

After closing the door they will be locked automatically. After pressing a ofv Resero can release all three pawls entering a castle in daily functions. In addition, is equipped with a quick-release mechanism on a handle “Comfort”, can also be operated by means of a push button located on the inner side of the door.

GENIUS may be combined with access control systems, and numerous other kinds of components, which makes it possible to implement a variety of individual solutions. Stay up to date!

Locks the door leaf after their closure, using two spring latches in packs of additional locks. Opening from the outside with a single key turning in kv closing direction. This makes it easy and safe to close even the lowered door. AS is equipped with three-point lock round steel pins impeding burglary. It is always equipped with three extra Softlock ratchets.


AS 3500: the high-performance multi-point lock VdS-certified security

The perfect solution when you want to to combine access controls, safety and functionality of living with the highest Standards of safety and sealing functions the door. This lock possesses good downforce and high safety. AS is equipped with three-point locking hooks that prevent disabling the door from each frame and wings. In addition, kf safety for occupants inside the building who could be injured.

A radio transmitter device can open up to four pairs of doors: The broad range of options available offers maximum flexibility in terms of convenience and security: AS is a five-point lock, which is equipped with round steel pins. Easy adjustment using the slider.

In this case, people with zs or others that have additional keys can enter home without any difficulties. Ensuring security after the closure is also a plate wedge with hooks.

SIEGENIA brings spaces to life

The face plate is constructed in high-grade stainless steel, so is exceptionally rust-resistant. GENIUS is the solution of particular interest to owners of single and multiple dwellings where it can serve as a modern intercom. Axles knobs and handles are the same distance from the front list.


Users do not even need to lock the door manually in order for their insurance cover to remain intact.

For use with standard of KFV frame elements. In conjunction with the drive door-closer device allows full opening and closing of the door using one button.

It consists of two jagged wedge elements of a common form.

Release of the main lock pawl takes place by means of the mechanism. Thanks to this automatic espagnolette AS can be used in the door with burglar protection class WK 2. It works through an integrated electronic control system with mechanical drive.

With this insert you do not have to remember to remove the key from the inside. Double-leaf door locks Keep bolts and standard shootbolts. The certificate is currently valid for doors with a face plate width of at least 20 mm and backsets of mm.

Automatic multi-point lock KFV AS-3500

Emergency exit and panic door locks Mortise locks for escape doors Latch and deadbolt locks for escape doors Multi-point locks for escape doors. While on the floor. It can be adapted to slack ferrule.