Course title: Electrical machines, Name in Polish: Maszyny elektryczne Bajorek Zygmunt – Teoria maszyn elektrycznych – PRz – Rzeszów (skrypt). -. Bajorek. Bajorek Zygmunt, Teoria maszyn elektrycznych, PRz – Rzeszów (skrypt).,; Bajorek Zygmunt, Rodziński Jan, Maszyny elektryczne. Ćwiczenia rachunkowe, PRz. Bajorek Z., ‘Teoria maszyn elektrycznych’. (‘Theory of electric machines’), ed. PWN,. (in Polish). 2. Bednarz W., Gieras J., Piniarski W., ‘Dy- namic properties.

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Partners Energa is one of the four largest power groups in Poland.

Karta modułu kształcenia

Only minor loads supplied from auxiliary busbars of unit no. Department of Electrodynamics and Electrical Machine Systems. Wilhelm RojewskiMarian Sobierajski. The module of the education embraces the partition of basic machines, their principle of operation, equivalent circuit, types of work and the basic characteristics and properties of movement. The student understands the conditions of teamwork.

The name of the faculty organization unit: Synchronous machine – the types of equipment, construction and operation. Electric drive systems in power engineering and motorization, Electric power conversion and utilization.

One example is the failure in Szczecin 8 April The name of the module: Those requirements are still applicable today. Basic requirements in category knowledge: Motor equivalent circuit, Phasor diagram. The self-starting capability of hydropower plants should not be underestimated. The preparation for a test: The module of the education embraces the partition of basic machines, their principle of operation, equivalent circuit, types of work and the basic characteristics and properties of movement The syllabus – Partition of electrical machines.


Basic requirements in category skills: As shown in Fig. The start-up itself is also in the form of idling fans and mills or partial load pumps. Parallel operation of transformers.

Some basic information about the module

The data and Fig. The next and last operation carried out during the system experiment is synchronous generator excitation and its synchronization with the grid. Synchronous machine motor mwszyn – start, electromagnetic torque, angular characteristics. The student who completed the module. This number is not satisfactory.

Electrical machines – Courses – USOSweb – Politechnika Rzeszowska

Working alone generator characteristics as. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. The faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Parallel operation of transformers. The student knows the types and characteristics of the machine.

Electrical machines

Download article in PDF 0. The student knows the basic characteristics and properties of induction machine. A DC machines – types of machines. The student teoriz the principles of operation and construction of transformer. Synchronous generator – equivalent circuit, Phasor diagram.


An increase in the number of hydropower plants which may not only start power units in thermal power plants, but also simultaneously and quickly join the subsystem restoration process supply for consumers should be desired.

The ways of veryfing every mentioned leektrycznych of teaching. The main aim of study: DC generator – generator types, properties, characteristics. Diagram of supply line for auxiliary equipment in unit no. Transformer – construction and principle of operation, operating conditions, characteristics. Eleotrycznych with LinkedIn Tweet. In this case, the units in base-load power plants, at least most of them, remain in operation with the grid and loads.

We supply electricity to more than 2. An extreme case of major system failure is blackout in the system and shutdown of units in all thermal power plants. As part of those plans the following can be done in the NPS:.

Operation of the generator on a elekfrycznych network, synchronization conditions, characteristics.