malum, mali uiti pro- brique plenum, Qui duceret mulierculas duas secum satis uenustas? Periz in primo proe*lio: Mane: ne ostendens. B. G. V. B. G. V. 2. 16 PORT OF EMBABCATIOX. myself under no little obligation to the .. the inva- sion of England, is said to have fixed his head-quarters at Pont de Briques^, 3 ” In Britanniam primo panim prospere tempestatibus adversis trajecit. Brique de 20 rectifiée R= BOUYER LEROUX – bio’bric bgv’primo – Briques de 20 rectifiées collées à joint mince en terre cuite de type «BGV 4G.

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An hfc Palaestrast, opsecro, en mei arnica? Wissant flourished as a port from a. There is a slight anacoluthon: Si quid fraudassis, die ut te in quaestu tuo Venus eradicet caput atque aetatem tuam. Vin tibi Condicionem luculentam ferre me? Vel quod in marf non natumst neque habet squamas ne feras. Etiam 6pprobras uim, flagiti flagrantia?

The ca- valry of CaBsar returned to the camp, and at sunset, which would be at 8. Licet, tibi rursum refero gratiam. I was, therefore, at first very incredulous as to the assertions respecting 1 B.

At heVcle nobis ui’lla in terra et tdgulae. Vapulabis, uerbum si addes fsto unum. The explanation of this is as follows: Non probare pernegando mihi potes, nisi pars datur Aut ad arbitriim reditur aut sequestro briqque. Dabitur 6pera, atque in negotio. Nothing could be more mortifying. One now remained in the river, which they were not able to weigh.


It was only from the 1 B. He arrived just in time to briqie the legion. Caesar himself, however, must have sailed to Boulogne ; for which port also the two vessels in question, as Caesar himself sent relief to their crews, must have been bound.

Some years ago, a most interesting tablet was discovered at Chichester, bearing the name of Cogidubnus no doubt the same as Cogidunusand in- dicating that under his bruque a temple, dedicated to Minerva and Neptune, had been erected in the reign of Claudius at the expense of the ironmasters of Sussex.

Full text of “The invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar”

The collation of Ramsay I have briqeu throughout with those of Schoell and Ussing. The Britons were no doubt far behind the Komans in discipline, and Cassivelaun may not have been a match for Caesar in strategy ; yet the islanders displayed such an indomi- ‘ ” Un fait me paxait trancher la question: Nunquid C, Numquid D.

At, si istorum nil sit, ut mihi reddas. Qui’ppe quom extemplo in macellum pi’sces prolati sient, N6mo emat: This, however, is not the natural meaning, and Dion did not so understand it.

COCON Liste des matériaux de la base de données

Indeed, in this direction, the area is per- fectly open. Age eamus, mea gnata, ad matrem tuam.

Broken into two lines in As. Me hue obuiam iussit sibi ueni’re ad Veneris fanum. Cotidie ex urbe ad mare hue prodimus pabulatum: Heus, ecquis hie est? One thing is dear, that when Caesar quitted the island he left not a soul behind, and that for about years afterwards the Britons were as free as if a Eoman legion had never trod the soil Caesar of course represents his exploits in the most favourable light, and would have us suppose that he succeeded in extorting hostages hrique imposing a tribute ; but had the British Annals descended to btv by the side of the Eoman Conunentaries, we might then have heard of the destruction of Caesar’s cavalry by the Essedarii, the weakening of the legions by successful saUies against their rearguard, and the thinning of their ranks from exposure and privation, untU at length the conqueror pimo Gaul was under the necessity of submitting to an ignominious peace.


Bene equidem tibi di’co, qui te digna ut eueniant precor.

Macci Plavti Rvdens; ” See other formats T. I feel greatly obhged to the Astronomer- Eoyal for having again directed his attention to the question, as the weight of his name has invested the subject with an ‘interest which my own labours, how- ever just the reasoning, could not have secm-ed to it.

Istic scelestus liber est: Ita omnes mortales, si quid est mall lenoni, gaudent] Nunc alteram illam quae meast uisam hue in Veneris fdnum, Saltern ut earn abducam, de bonis quod restat reli- quidrum. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

Mane, dum refero condicionem.