Der Schlumpf Katalog and pictures. Displayed here are Der Schlumpf Katalog IV and Der Schlumpf Katalog SMURFS – DER SCHLUMPF KATALOG IV Catalogue in GERMAN on Smurfs varieties and value. Since there is not a lot of text in the catalog, it is very. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. 2 likes. Book. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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This is considered rare as it is harder to find than the one with the longer whip. There are at least three different marking variations to be found. The old Bully marking has been blocked out with a white stripe. With Cook it is possible to find this with no markings.

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Can I ask you to translate it scylumpf Welsh when you have finished. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have seen a lovely CNT one with yellow fries, one brown fries with a flesh coloured skin smurf from Mexico, but the one that causes the most debate is the Katalov Fries holding a red cone with yellow fries.

Lighter yellow hair commonly indictates it was painted in W. Both versions can be still be found today, though can be a little harder in places like the USA where it was never originally sold. The first one produced was Cook made by Bully in In the same year Wallace Berrie released their version of French Fries smurf with yellow French fries.


A lion tamer is a person who trains and tames lions for entertainment in places like a circus. This one is found with M. If anything if you were to compare how rare they both are, I would say that Baseball Pitcher is considered rarer as it was sold for one year.

Guitarist was included in Series 1. They must have sold a lot of these as it can be easily found today.


I will let everyone know how everything is going over the next week or two. However a circus themed play-set featuring smurfs, that could be a bit of fun. It was referred to as Beat Schlumpf from to in the Schleich catalogues. Recently I acquired a Smurf in Bed katxlog a white mattress. We often talk about the different colour and marking variations that can be found on a particular smurf.

Each are uniquely different from each other which makes them worth collecting all three.

Oswald – Der Schlumpf Katalog IV

Like many early smurfs made out of Hong Kong sometimes you can find the blocked out and replaced with then changed back. Achlumpf or Portugal whereas darker golden yellow hair indicates it was painted in Hong Kong. Stereophonics are one of my fav bands, they’re from Wales and they are really koooooooooool tooooooooo.

Let us know schhlumpf you are getting on. I have more than one Bowler smurf made out of Hong Kong with what appears to be two cavity markings. Germany markings, first released in It was only ever sold as an orange pedestal with Congratulations imprinted on it.

Schleich gave School Patrol, article number and this smurf is also sometimes referred to as Patrol Crossing. In their catalogue you will see a smurf wearing his customary white trousers and hat while holding an orange chip in his right hand and a cone of orange coloured french fries in his left hand.


Also happy to admit that I am not always sure if they are fake or genuine or a repaint. This appears to be the case right through to when they stopped selling smurfs in the USA. The figurine used for School Patrol was also the same one used on Fisherman Like the ones sold in the USA these were made out of Hong Kong with a red electric guitar with yellow chords.

They sold a couple different colour versions, light pinkish orange guitar with schlhmpf chords and a red electric guitar with brown chords. Germany made ones have the year whereas Hong Kong made ones have No I can’t knock a name like that it’s just so amazing that you have to think it’s very cool.

It appears very little changes were made to the figurine, just little variances in the paintwork depending uv it was painted. So who knows what may happen? I am not sure how long the orange fries version was sold but they are generally considered harder to find. This may have had something to do with the fishing rod being part of the mould and not as a seperate piece.