The Innocent Erendira Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Innocent Erendira Questions and Answers. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Innocent Eréndira and Other Stories is a collection of short stories from the Nobel Prize winner and author of One. This collection of fiction, representing some of García Márquez’s earlier work, includes eleven short stories and a novella, Innocent Eréndira, in which a.

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The grandmother moaned, fell on him, and tried to strangle him with her powerful bear arms. She set up her tent across from the mission and sat down to think, like a solitary warrior besieging a fortified city. She kept on shouting as far as her voice would carry, distributing whacks with her crosier against all who came within reach, but her rage was inaudible amongst the shouts and mocking whistles of the crowd.

She wrapped her hands in a cloth and saw that she could lift the pot without the help of the Indian. The only thing new was a rocklike scratch in her breathing.

Nevertheless, when Erendira was bathing her she again made predictions of the future and gahriel was such a feverish clairvoyance that it seemed like the delirium of a vigil. Mentira, nada que ver, jaja. Or until she gets married. Gatcia under the naked sun on a stool that was too narrow for her astral buttocks, the grandmother answered with a solemn rage: Se ubica en un desafortunado pueblo costero, en donde en lugar de enterrar a los muertos se les lanza al mar.

Innocent Erendira and Other Stories by Gabriel García Márquez

And yet she played the piano and sang until midnight, went to bed happy, and was able to have a normal sleep. At a command from her grandmother, Erendira lay down on the mat the way an amateur actress might have done at the moment when the curtain was about to go up.

After eating, while she whitewashed the stairs with her reed brush, she waited until all the novices had finished going up and coming down, and she was alone, with no one to hear her, and then she spoke for the first time since she had entered the mission.


The grandmother, such a short distance away from misfortune, was still garciia in her sleep. The stream-of-consciousness technique and inner-dialogue made them difficult to follow. Surprised and even a little proud of his son’s resolution, the Dutchman followed him through the orange grove with a look that slowly began to smile.

Innocent Erendira and Other Stories

The mother’s face suddenly took on an unaccustomed liveliness. Erendira was surprised but she immediately assumed her everyday expression once more. Erendira needed six hours just to set and wind the clocks. They had reached the sea. She felt so outraged that she was still venting her rage on him while Erendira helped her go to bed. When the truck went on, the grandmother made an enigmatic gesture to him, but he confused it with a greeting, smiled, and waved.

Long before they saw them they both recognized the sound of two mules walking on the flint of the desert. She saw the anxious and diaphanous eyes, but before saying anything she rubbed her head with the towel in order to prove that it wasn’t an illusion.

For an instant he studied the face worn out by ibnocent, the eyes dim from fatigue, the withered hair of the woman who, even at her age, in her sorry state, and with that crude light on her face, could have said that she had been the most beautiful woman erendirz the world.

He dragged himself to the entrance to the tent and he saw Erendira starting to run along the shore away from the city. She began to pay it back that very day, beneath the noise of the rain, when she was taken to the village storekeeper, a skinny and premature eremdira who innkcent quite well known in the desert for the good price he paid for virginity.

When fabriel was no more on her plate she also ate what Ulises had turned down.


Only when they had all failed, from the most direct to the most devious, did she turn to the civil authority, which was vested in a military man. Erendira kept on looking at the sleeping grandmother with her secret hate, with the rage of her frustration, as the sun rose and the bird air awakened. I have always been enthralled with his style, not so maruez with some of his themes. She closed her eyes, opened them again with an unfatigued expression, and began pouring the soup into the tureen.

He had an unreal aura about him and he seemed to be visible in the shadows because of the very glow of his beauty. Ulises, who until then had not paid any attention to the raving, tried to hide when he saw gabriiel grandmother sitting up in bed. The grandmother called him over. The commandant asked the driver of the first truck how far back they had passed a farm truck loaded innocenf birds.

The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother – Wikipedia

Erendira, who was keeping in step with the donkey, bowed down by the heat and dust, did not reproach her grandmother for her figures, but she had to hold back her tears. Ulises moved away from the window then and answered his mother impatiently.

Then Ulises looked once more at the enormous sleeping body as if measuring its quantity of life and decided: A band of brass-blowers was captivating Erendira’s clientele with a taciturn waltz. He didn’t hear the shot. Behind the men came gambling tables and food stands, and behind them all came a photographer on a bicycle, who, across from the encampment, set up a camera with a mourning sleeve on a tripod and a backdrop of a lake with innpcent swans.