Under the Hasmonean dynasty, which lasted about 80 years, the kingdom regained boundaries not far short of Solomon’s realm, political consolidation under. What was the Hasmonean dynasty? Answer: Hasmonean was the family name of the rebel leader and priest, Mattathias, who began to throw off Seleucid rule. The early Hasmonean rulers were righteous people who were careful not to assume the title of monarch. However, it is an old adage that power corrupts, and .

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Jewish tradition holds that the claiming of kingship by the later Hasmoneans led to their eventual downfall, since that title was only to be held by descendants hzsmonean the line of King David. Jonathan and Simon were now entitled to make conquests; Ashkelon submitted voluntarily while Gaza was forcibly taken. The Return to Zion. A Survey of the New Testament.

Jonathan in return lifted the siege of the Acra and left it in Seleucid hands. At first Scaurus, moved by a gift of four hundred talents, decided in favour of Aristobulus.

Antipater appointed his sons to positions of influence: Hereupon they were reconciled to each other in the Temple, and embraced one another in a very kind manner, while the people stood round about them; they also changed their houses, while Aristobulus went to the royal palace, and Hyrcanus retired to the house of Aristobulus. Antigonus was not, however, the last Hasmonean.

Hasmonean dynasty – Wikipedia

When the Jews were prohibited from practicing Judaism and their Temple was desecrated as part of an effort to impose Greek-oriented culture and customs on the entire population, the Jews rose in revolt BCE. Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library. The Babylonian Jews warned him in vain. He also outlawed observance of the Sabbath and the offering of sacrifices at the Jerusalem Temple and required Jewish leaders to sacrifice to idols; punitive executions were also instituted.

As Demetrius II did not keep his promise, Jonathan thought it better to support the new king when Diodotus Tryphon and Antiochus VI seized the capital, especially as the latter confirmed all his rights and appointed his brother Simon Simeon strategos of the Paralia the seacoastfrom the “Ladder of Tyre ” to the frontier of Egypt. The struggle thereafter lasted for some years, as the main Roman forces were occupied with defeating the Parthians and had few additional resources to use to support Herod.


Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible. From BCE, with the Seleucid Empire disintegrating, the dynasty became fully independent, expanded into the neighbouring regions of SamariaGalileeItureaPereaand Idumeaand took the title ” basileus “.

The major difference, however, was the continued adherence of the Pharisees to the laws and traditions of the Jewish people in the face of assimilation.

Furthermore, he made a bid for the loyalty of Jonathan, permitting him to recruit an army and to reclaim the hostages kept in the City of Acre.

Although Simon did not trust Diodotus Tryphon, he complied with the request so that he might not be accused of the death of his brother. Leather Industry and Trade. A period of political intrigue followed, with both Jason and Menelaus bribing the king to win the High Priesthood, and accusations of murder of competing contenders for the title.

Upon Hyrcanus’ death, however, Aristobulus jailed his mother and three brothers, including Alexander Jannaeus, and allowed her to starve there. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Jonathan fell into the trap; he took with him to Ptolemais 1, men, all of whom were slain; he himself was taken prisoner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Seleucid rule over the Jewish parts of the region then resulted in hasmonwan rise of Hellenistic cultural and religious practices: Like Judah in former years, Jonathan sought alliances with foreign peoples. During the wars, temporary commonwealths were established, but they ultimately fell to the sustained might of Rome.

Chronicles of the Kings of Israel. Jewish Links to the Holy Land. Hasmonezn of Israel and Judah. The Talmud includes one of the Hasmonean kings under the description “Kings of Israel”.

According to Josephus[59] John Hyrcanus opened King David ‘s sepulchre and removed three thousand talents which he paid as tribute to spare the city. Pompey defeated him multiple times however and captured his cities.


Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Ben Sira, Alphabet of.

Roman legions under Vespasian and Titus besieged and destroyed Jerusalemlooted and burned Herod’s Temple in the year 70 and Jewish strongholds notably Gamla in 67 and Masada in 73and enslaved or massacred a large part of the Jewish population. The strict upholders of the Law, however, were alienated, because the Law held that no man should be high priest who was not of priestly descent from Aaron.

Simon led the people in peace and prosperity, until in February BCE, he was assassinated at the instigation of his son-in-law Ptolemyson of Abubus also spelled Abobus or Abobiwho had been named governor of the region by the Seleucids.

Jonathan owed no allegiance to the new King and took this opportunity to lay siege to the Acrathe Seleucid fortress hasmonea Jerusalem and the symbol of Seleucid control over Judea. Between the weakness of Hyrcanus and the ambition of Aristobulus, Judea lost its independence. He appears to have controlled the road from Hasomnean to Jerusalem, and thus to have cut off the royal party in Acra from direct communication with the sea and thus with the government.

Italics indicate a disputed reign hasmoneab non-royal title.

Hasmonean dynasty

Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. Help us improve this article! Judea under Judas Maccabeus. At the beginning of the civil war between [Caesar] and Pompey, Hyrcanus, at the instance of Hasmomean, prepared to support the man to whom he owed his position; but when Pompey was murdered, Antipater led the Jewish forces to the help of Caesar, who was hard pressed at Alexandria.

Journal of Biblical Literature. First led by Mattathias of the priestly Hasmonean family and then by his son Judah the Maccabeethe Jews subsequently entered Jerusalem and purified the Temple BCEevents commemorated each year dynaxty the festival of Hanukkah.