Download KG manuals, documents, and software. installation and operation of your LG product, please refer to the Owner’s Manual and other documents. Download KG manuals, documents, and software. Owner’s Manual is a basic instruction that contains the product installation and usage. PDF type. View and Download LG KG user manual online. Mobile Phone with MP Camera, Tri-band, FM Radio, Polyphonic Ringtones. KG Cell Phone pdf.

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LG KG290 User Manual

This setting allowsyou to enter the address URL of a site you want to use ashomepage. You can save the memo to the list bypressing the [OK] key.

You can add a newprofile. Enter the contents of the memo. Install a charged battery or connect the phone to an external power source. Selecting this itemdisplays requesting message andanimation. Unlike other batterysystems, there is no memoryeffect that could compromise thebattery’s performance.

Text, Voice, Fax, Natl. You can sort the files bydate, type or name. To exit the Weight conversionfunction, press uzer [Back] key. We recommend you to use thestereo headset in order toappreciate the music of high quality. If Bluetooth devices are found,these devices are listed on thescreen.

You can display the tasks in progressor completed. This folder is mainly used fortransporting files from one PC toanother.


LG KG Manual User Guide Download PDF Free :: Xphonecom (Slider)

Disposal of your old appliance1. With your phone turned off, press in on the battery cover release 1 on the. You can save the memo tothe list by pressing the left soft key[Options] yser select Save or justpress the. Note Because of the small dimension of the speaker, the audio could be distorted in some cases.

Changing the display ky290. A window will appearon the screen asking you to enteryour password. Be sure to orient the connector as. This will activate theprofile to initiate the browser launch. Orange WorldOrange WorldMenu 1. The Recent Calls Menu is a list of the last phone numbers or Contacts entries for calls.

Enter the current PIN code andpress. Select your desired alarm toconfigure in the alarm list. The specifiedalarm sounds tuide the scheduled time. Do not transport or store flammable gas, liquid, or explosives in the compartment of your vehicle, which contains your mobile phone and accessories.

Usb Connection Mode default back to Automatic if it is switched off. Page 39 Security Certificates Menu 1. The following options are available. The specified alarm sounds at the scheduled time. Select the desired unit. Select the appropriate function.

LG KG290 Quick Start Manual

Page 65 Read Menu 5. The cursor is on the currentdate, and the registered date ismarked. You can select a desired video by using the Select a desired video and select Play to view the recorded video. You can view theselected message. You can convert your text into alternative formats. If the power isleft on, there is a chance you couldlose the stored telephone numbersand messages.


And allthe songs in your playlist will berepeated if you select All. Pressingmoves to the previous month, andmoves to the next month. Using this menu, you can delete the paired Bluetooth device. View the status of the corresponding service.

Select the Activate menu toreceive the Barring password fromthe user and activate the barringservice on the network. Available multishot depends on the size. Do not use a hand-held phone while driving. Screen shows Searching fordevices. Page 70 My stuffImagesMenu 6.

If the menu contains any submenus, locate the one you want by pressing. Please check with your network service provider for details of their service in order to configure the phone accordingly. Using this menu, you canpair a new Bluetooth device withyour phone. The View status menu enablesusers to view the current networkconfiguration. Music sync is availablefor only music contents.

In order to transmitdata files or messages, this devicerequires a quality connection tothe network.