1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Page 1. 14 r. 1. 11 r. 12 13 r. Boombox. Page 2. 1. 3. 1. 1. 3 r. Buoy x8 x8. 1. 4 r. 4. 1. 3 r. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Snack Shack page Water Skier page Trident page Treasure. Chest page Stingray page Shovel page Whale page Surfer. Instructions. Visit this section if you are looking for building instructions from a specific K’NEX building set. Learn More. Categories. Products · Fun & Games.

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In the lessons, teams of students build and experiment with the different models. Pick and choose the segments of the lesson you wish to present or do the whole lesson for instrction comprehensive discussion of the topic. Examples- Simple Machines Deluxe supports 20 students. These sets also contain multiple K’NEX parts and instructions so that groups of students can build models and study these concepts simultaneously.

K’NEX Education lessons and building exercises vary in length. How can I share pictures of instructipn models? This will help them understand the concept as a whole, not just how it applies to one particular example.

You will need to enter the model number for the set in the provided field.

To help you tell the two sizes apart, the micro and standard shapes are always different colors. Enter this number in the field to bring up the instruction options available for your set. For most sets, the curriculum is presented to the teacher in the form of the Teacher’s Guide. You can use this information to determine your particular needs. The Instrruction Guides offer detailed information for how to execute the lessons.

Building Help | Creative Building Toys for Kids | K’NEX |

Do you need to know the model numbers to order an instruction model or can you browse your favorite models and try to build with what parts you have? They are divided into manageable segments with easy breaking points. All K’NEX pieces are non-toxic and do not contain hazardous chemicals.


Be creative and devise a storage method that works best for you. The descriptions of the K’NEX Education Sets lnex on the web site and in the catalog specify the number of students the instruftion support. K’NEX Education Sets provide materials that support a variety of instructional models in the classroom.

Each group focuses on a different type of simple machine i. I could have used some of these instructions though as I never really built anything worth keeping. Instructions for sets produced before the year may not be available. The designs on Instructables vary from very simple to very complex. How many K’NEX parts are there? This allows them to understand the concept universally as opposed to just related to one particular model.

You will most likely not present everything included in the set to the students. This allows them to use their creativity to demonstrate their understanding of the concept being studied.

Iconic One Theme Powered by WordPress. If you are looking for an educational challenge for the children, then take a look at the model bridge building set. Click on the following link and then explore the options. Instructkon set provides materials to build four identical vehicles simultaneously.

I spent so much of my childhood playing with it. The difference between the two types of sets is that K’NEX Education sets are designed with the express purpose instructioh being used as a classroom tool rather than an individual child’s toy. The sculpture is Can these sets be integrated into my everyday lessons or are instructin designed for supplementary activities? Enter this number in the field to find the instruction options available for your set. How did K’NEX begin?

Can K’NEX pieces be recycled? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Each year knxe design new and unique pieces and shapes—which is great news for those with big imaginations! Do K’NEX bricks work with other sets? You may need to spend some time reviewing the guides first to determine which topics fit into your curriculum.


Get K’Nex Instructions Online or Download

If you would instrudtion to use this activity with an entire class of 24 to 32 students, we would suggest that you purchase knez of these sets. At the conclusion of their investigations, the groups rotate to another station.

Click on the instructions you’d like to download. These sets were designed to allow students to set up a work station or to collect sets over the course of the year to acquire a classroom solution.

These curriculum materials provide lesson plans detailing how to integrate K’NEX into lessons to teach concepts such as simple machines, amusement park technology, potential and kinetic energy, space exploration, fractions, measurement, and much more. I am sure you will find something suitable here. Your email address will not be published. K’NEX Education Sets contain curriculum support materials, developed and tested by award-winning educators in classrooms across the country. How can I get replacement parts for my sets?

Enter your K’NEX Building Set Code or Set Name

We also encourage you to have the students build models of their own design, based on the concepts they are studying. Visit our Model Instructions page and enter the model number for your set in the provided field. You will need quite a lot of pieces for the larger designs.

The teacher does not have to be actively involved in the individual lessons.