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By all accounts Charlier had been a workaholic throughout his career, working simultaneously on as much as a dozen projects at any given time, steadily increasing his workload as he grew older.

Latino-Americans therefore, have been afforded the opportunity to enjoy the then entirety of the Blueberry series including the spin-offscontrary to their English speaking counterparts. Taken aback, Charlier later stated, “It was too late to do anything about it, it blueberyr done. Charlier’s method of working came at a cost however, as his scripts frequently contained continuity errors on the detail level, and which included those of Blueberrysuch as in his above cited instance of glueberry hero’s first name.

[CSDb] – Leutnant Blueberry [german] by Mr. Coolman

Yet, I think one can not discern its difficult birth; there are good scenes, pages I really poured heart and soul into. It is not known why Charlier had chosen this format for “Fort Navajo”, as the US derived syndication format was by that time already well on its way out for European comics, after the relative immediate post-war paper shortage was no longer an issue.

So, in order to get things straight, I coined him Mike Steve Blueberry eventually; This kind of forgetfulness happens to me often. Jonathan Cartland see also below and fr: Archived from the original on May 9, Tekenaar tussen twee werelden”. In the end I became fed up with the third book, and threw in the towel.

And why this ridiculous name Blueberry? It is an effrontery, constructed out of implausible circumstances.


Leutnant Blueberry 40. Mister Blueberry. O. K. Corral: BD 40

But Dargaud did adopt the format, once these rights had returned to them in late Due to the fact that Blueberry became the most popular character so early on in the Fort Navajo story-arc, Charlier was forced to do an about-face and started to write out the other main characters he had in place in order to make room for Blueberry.

The Charlier couple not only helped their friends neither of them French-speaking and staying on a tourist visa in Amsterdam at the time to settle firstly in Brussels, Belgium, and subsequently in the ProvenceFrance, [] but with practical work details as well, as Wilson later recalled, “Janet and I were tremendously lucky, Charlier was in many respects something of a kind uncle to us.

Balthazar rated it it was amazing Mar 13, You should have seen him working at bluebery desk! Blueberry is a particularly intimate life companion. Upon his return, Charlier took one look at the pages completed in his absence, and continued where Giraud had left off without further much ado.


Publication came to naught however, due to the near concurrent, but otherwise coincidental, demises of both Novedi and Catalan Communications in late and respectively. List of Blueberry characters. There were always seven to eight scenarios underway. Before Nick Fury, There was After “Fort Navajo”, the collection was suspended and each comic hero hitherto featured therein, spun off in book series of their own, including Blueberry or rather Fort Navajo, une Aventure du Lieutenant Blueberry as it was then still coined.

So now they have to nail down the whole bed.

The idea excited Giraud, who decided, in order to differentiate between two series, to adopt a more lively style, more edgy, but less convoluted. However, Giraud was nowhere near able to take on yet another major series himself, as he was still working on his Incal series as Moebius, besides having embarked on Blueberry again. It coincided with the break between Jean-Michel and Dargaud, where questionable issues in regard to authors’ rights were in play.


Paperback48 pages. We were fortunate though, that he negotiated on our behalf as well, and we profited very much from the deals he struck. I do the best I can. The choice for the German publisher was made for their very ambitious international expansion strategy they had in place at that time.

As impromptu publisher, EDIBD published around two dozen album titles, including “La longue marche”, before turning the copyrights of these over to Novedi, [50] which started publishing themselves in Archived from the original on Publisher and creators subsequently embarked on a search for a suitable artist to take on the task. This would have caused too much confusion in the mind of the reader.

It was then that it became clear to Charlier, that he was left with no other option than to leave, and this he did taking all his other co-creations with him, to wit Redbeard and Tanguy et Laverdurewhich, while not as popular as Blueberrywere steady money making properties for Dargaud nonetheless.

He suggested a couple of names, which sounded not bad, but I wanted something softer for this rough and basic character. De Telegraaf in Dutch. All legal issues were apparently resolved by the time of the publication of the fifth Wilson album, “Trois hommes pour Atlanta” one year later, as it was released by Novedi’s successor Alpen Publishers, becoming the only Jeunesse title they were able to release, before they themselves lost publication rights to Dargaud in late The page division was still lacking, as were the dialogs.